Color Viewing Light booth 6 functions


Ralight Color Viewing light Booth 6 Functions

used in color comparison applications for product design, packaging, Textile, clothes, leather, accessories, cosmetics, fashion Printing and more. for help you evaluate and communicate color with absolute confidence

*Customizable !!!*

All Color Viewing light booth include 6 light sources According to ISO 3664:2016

  • D65/18W  (2 lamps)  LiftTime  5,000 Hrs.

Europe and America daylight zone, Which is Standard Light for used in color comparison applications for fabric, cloth, jewelry.

  • D50/20W (2 lamps)  LiftTime 5,000 Hrs.

Asia daylight zone, Which is Standard Light for used in color comparison applications of paints, graphic design, photograph.

  • TL84/18W (2 lamps)  LiftTime  3,000 Hrs.

(ISO 3664:2016 Standard Light ) used in supermarket, make products look great.

  • A/35W   (4 lamps)  LiftTime  2,000 Hrs.

Use for light of shelves, make products look outstanding.

  • UV/20W  (1 lamp)   LiftTime  3,000 Hrs.

Use for Counterfeit Bill Detectors, Stamps, Credit Card, Stickers etc.

  • UV SUN/18W  (1 lamp)  LiftTime  3,000 Hrs.

Open it with D65 or D50 Light for increase light’s performance to nearby nature light source (Sun light).


  • Dimension W66.4 x H50 x L53 (cm.) (2 sheets of Super A3  or 1 sheet of A2)
  • Light regularly and Eyes care.
  • Brightness Value of the light inside the Booth Not less than 1,500 lux  (± 10%)
  • Special Aluminum structure from Germany, Strong, Durable, Chemical resistance, Beauty and not flammable.
  • The Booth color is sprayed with 2K color system And According to ISO 3664:2016.
  • Interior system controlled by a microprocessor, save power and Improve performance of the Lamp.
  • Digital Display Showing life time of all lamps and notice when life end.

Warranty and Service

  • if Lamp Not working,  We change new Lamp Within 15 days
  • Problem with system, We send Technician to fix it Within 15 Days
  • In Case problem with circuits system, We will change new circuits Within 15 Days
  • Warranty and after sale service 2 Years* or  5,000 Hrs. whichever comes first

*Terms & Conditions as specified by the company

  • When order Please sign To verify product specifications and images, as detailed in this document back to us. Along with the order too.
  • The Color Viewing Light Booth is the copyright of the company, Product Search & Supply Co., Ltd.Do not imitate anyone.