Ralight LED 60W Colors Comparison & Detection Portable

Ralight LED 60W

Ralight LED 60W

Portable Colors comparison Luminaire Or Solar lamps. A device that lets you work more easily and more quickly. In all weather conditions



  • Simulated daylight, help you see the true color and no distortion.
  • Standard ISO for color detection.
  • Special LED light bulbs, high quality, low heat, economy and long life-time
  • Power 60W 
  • The brightness can be adjuste
  • Battery NP-F970 x 2
  • small size, Light weight
  • After-sales service And 2-year Warranty*

(*Under proper use, Good I/P power system, or Due to production problems*)



  • to Check the surface before painting. Such as mark, scratches
  • to compare Inspection Card with car’s body color and interior painting room
  • Can use In all weather conditions, No need to go out side for daylight to compare colors
  • Easy to find a spot, scars, scratches, dents before painting or Spraying

for Color comparison or check color combinations, Spraying, inspection cuts, scratches, dents, scratches, use in car garage, paint manufacturers, automobile factories, etc.